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We’re pleased to give you best james patterson books reviews – Let’s take a deep look into it to find down more information about this writer and his book.

Summer is the perfect time to kick back (or hover on the edge of your seat) with an electrifying, page-turning read—and if you’re a fan of the thriller, you can’t go wrong with worldwide bestselling author James Patterson, an acclaimed master of the genre. No matter how varied your interests, there’s a Patterson series (or five) for you. Below are 4 of the latest books in some of Patterson’s most popular series, and one new stand-alone novel you won’t want to miss.


Formed by the New York Mayor, this unit is tasked to protect the highly influential and wealthiest personalities of Manhattan.

Detective Zach Jordan and his ex-girlfriend Detective Kylie Macdonald of the special unit are both assigned to investigate the case of Sidney Roth, a world’s famous producer, who was killed of poisoning. Although Zach and Kylie’s have orders to stop at nothing to catch the killer, this is proving to be more difficult than they had imagined. One of the best james patterson books that all readers agree. 

One thing to appreciate about Zach and Kylie’s relationship is their undeniable dynamics.

If you are into investigative cases where crimes are done bizarrely out in the open, you might want to try this novel. It’s easy to read, and the cases, as well as the point-to-point location changes are easy to follow.

Hope to Die

As the best James Patterson books at that time, for those who like to look ahead, clear your fall calendars, because the newest book in the addictive Alex Cross series arrives on November 17th and you’ll want to make sure nothing stands between you and the venerated detective’s latest—and scariest—challenge. Picking up where the heart-pounding Cross My Heart left off, this time, it’s personal: Alex’s family; his beloved grandmother, his wife Bree, and his precious children, are being held by a vicious psychopath who is using them as leverage to gain complete control over Alex. You won’t want to miss the shocking conclusion to this gripping two-part cliffhanger.

Along Came a Spider

The book that started it all! Alex Cross is a homicide detective with a Ph.D. in psychology. Jezzie Flanagan is the first woman ever to hold the highly sensitive job as supervisor of the Secret Service in Washington. Drawn to one another, Alex and Jezzie start a forbidden love affair, but it’s not to last if deranged psychopath Gary Soneji gets his way. For me, this is the best james patterson books. 

Step on a Crack 

Here comes the most challenging case in Detective Michael Bennet’s career: a hostage-taking crisis occurs during the funeral of a former First Lady, and the lives of some of the most prominent and most influential people in the country are in danger. To add to that, he also finds out that his wife, who has cancer, is already counting her days.

Michael Bennet is probably one of my favorite James Patterson creations. The touching and emotional struggle the main character has while performing his duty adds more character development in the story. This novel brings readers into emotional shifts—from the mystery/crime-thriller events to the touching scenes.

Roses Are Red

Alex Cross is up against the most elusive enemies of his career as he hunts for a group of bank robbers who have been terrifying Washington D.C. with a string of heists that end in murder. As Alex races to find the people responsible, he learns that there may be one brilliant yet dangerous mastermind pulling all the strings.

The Murder of King Tut

James Patterson is known for his page-turning novels, but occasionally he brings his literary prowess to the world of nonfiction. Explore one of the oldest unsolved mysteries through the lens of Howard Carter’s arduous discovery of the pharaoh’s hidden tomb. It may be true, but the story still has all the intrigue, passion, and betrayal of the best James Patterson thrillers.

The list of best james patterson books above is really good for all of you this time. 

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