Top 5 Best Improv Books You Should Read In 2020

Last year, when I had to face a big stress, my friend told me a quote from Victor Hugo “It is from books that wise people derive consolation in the trouble of life” so I decided to find some books which change myself. I mean books can not change 100 % your life but you will look up more experience to improve. I chose not only a kind of book by one author but many authors because I should improve every aspect of my life.

The list of books that I would recommend that you read are all my experiences that I found out and improved successfully my person. When you finish once, you will wish to try one more time. You should have it on yourself as the guideline when you see them because of its value. It is not only about career but also education, spirituality, habitation.

A Quick Summary: 5 Best Improv Books

A Mother's rigorous love by Sara Imas

best improv books
best improv books
best improv books
best improv books
best improv books

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Sara Imas


Stephen. R. Covey


Nelson Bibles


Hector Malot


Mario Puzo

Improve the education of your children

Improve your habits

Improve your spiritual health

Improve your optimism

Improve family relationship

Top 5 Best Improv Books Reviews 2020

A Mother's rigorous love

Sara Imas

With such an impressive title, many people are attracted and curious about this book. “A mother's rigorous love” is really different from   other  types of names. When I got my hand on this book, my feeling was  as complicated as  the first time I saw sunshine. Do you ever feel stuck trying to be a good parent despite the fact that you did try your best? Or you do not know whether you have taught them the right method or not? And so many questions in your mind when you just see it.

Sara Imas, who  is Jewish,  was born in China, grew up, got married and had 3 children there. She was strongly/ fully/ ...affected by the Jewish way of education from her father and ones of China from school. After her marriage ended in divorce, she decided to come back to Israel, and she is also the first Jew back to Israel from China. After some months living in Israel, she felt “ shocked” by the way the Jews taught  children. She realized the clear difference  between Chinese and Jew. After that, she tries to follow the method of Jew's mother bringing children up, and she was successful when all of her children became  successful. 

This is her story, her experiences that she wants to share with everyone. I think it is useful to all parents who want to love their children in the correct manner to improve their parenting method. Do not be “a helicopter mother”

Everybody believes that habits make success, but we don't know how to build habits up ourselves. This book is full of expertise, psychology research, philosophy of life forever because Covey is one of the experts in the field of leadership development and cultural creation. Just 7 habits, it is very effective to make your life prosperous and better. We can not deny that 7 habits which Covey mentions are fundamental, essential, basic and secret that many people take to.

However, nothing is powerful enough to change our life other than  ourselves. If you are (doesn’t make any sense), you want to effectively improve  yourself, this book is the best choice, a key to open your future for everyone, not only young people. I think the title can not cover all  (poor word choice)of this book, let it change your mind like I had changed mine .

This book is obviously religious , therefore we can all find a lot of philosophies to improve our spiritual life. Simple words, easy to understand and close to life. We can find encouraging words that lift the spirits. Besides, we also find lessons on how to treat people and how to behave properly in life. From there, you will become better and more positive. Some people think that this book is only suitable for Catholics but I find it suitable for those who are always feeling stressed and looking for a source of goodness.

For our body, we have to relish and digest the food to give energy to support our health and for our spirit too. Many problems around us, many works need to be solved, we are already facing  so many headaches to process them that our spirit needs to rest. That is a reason I recommend you should get round to reading this book.

The highlight of the novel is the bravery of a 9-year-old boy Rémi, adopted by a rural family, goes on a challenging journey to find his true family. Despite experiencing many difficulties while living away from his family, his optimism and kind heart has helped him overcome all hardship and eventually find his family. When I read this book, I wish I could go back to a 9 year-old like him too (doesn’t make sense) . I think this book is a source of inspiration for young people to stay optimistic and diligent regardless of any situation they must face. Hector Malot was very skillful in bringing educational values into the book to encourage everyone to find hope even in bad cases. Beside that, this book is very suitable for parents. doesn’t make sense , it answers a lot of questions about teaching children that parents can put into practice.

A long story revolving around an Italian Mafia family. With this title, readers will (no normal person can relate to criminal activities) to the illegal activities of the mafia factions but not. Mario Puzo surprises us by the way he builds characters around family events. From there, it brings out the stuff of the man in the family. poor grammar , he can do everything because of family. I feel many noble emotions in the Mafia family. It makes us look back to our family to improve the way we treat each other. For male readers , you can see through complicated social situations where you must fight with incidents unexpectedly in this book. It helps you to have a foresight vision and calm yourself down when you face anxiety.
I am sure that you will not be able to take your eyes off this fascinating book.

best improv books - Detail Comparison table

My Last Reflection on The best improv books

It seems to me that each book will be a new lesson for you to discover and perfect yourself. I also believe that each of us decides on the improvement after what we learn. For me, 5 best improvement books that I have experienced, I recommend to you. I hope you will read and find bright sides to improve yourself.

After you read, if you have the same feeling to me, please share it with others to make our life better.

  • So, have you chosen the best improv books for you yet? Do you suggest any others? Share with us!
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