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Read this short article to learn more about the best dean koontz books in the year of 2020 that you’ll add to your reading routine. 

The master of genre-bending, Koontz has published a remarkable range of 100+ books since he began writing in the sixties. Most of his works are primarily a blend of psychological thriller and horror, with quite a bit of speculative fiction mixed in — indeed, from malevolent AI to villains who can stop time, there’s no shortage of brilliantly woven dilemmas for his dauntless heroes to untangle. So if you’re a fan of all these elements and more, you’re going to love this list of the 16 best Dean Koontz books spanning more than thirty years of his career.


It’s hard to have a list of Dean Koontz’s best books without including Watchers – his 1987 novel which helped to push him further toward global success.

We meet Travis Cornell, an ex-Delta Force operative who, amid a low point in his life, comes across a Golden Retriever in a canyon near his home. The two soon become friends.

However, as with most Koontz novels, nothing is as innocent as it seems. The dog turns out to be a genetically engineered, highly-intelligent being who has escaped from a top-secret government lab. But it isn’t alone. There’s also another escapee, known simply as the Outsider – a vicious abomination hell-bent on killing the dog, and anyone who gets in the way.

Travis and the dog (named Einstein) are thus forced to be on the run. However, the unlikely duo quickly realize that the Outsider isn’t the only dangerous foe hunting them…

Watchers is a book I often recommend to people looking for the best Dean Koontz books to start with. However, it isn’t without its flaws. For example, it was originally written in the late 1980s. Thus, the novel plays upon several dated tropes that translate to some flat characters (Koontz mostly overcomes this habit in his more recent novels).

Despite this, I find Watchers to be a fantastic thrillride that many Koontz fans still hold in high regard, especially on Reddit. All people agree that this is the best dean koontz books at that time. 

Demon Seed

This best dean koontz books create his name in the heart of readers. This prescient 1973 classic—completely rewritten in 1997, but we’d recommend the original; they share the same plot, but the rewrite changes the point-of-view completely—is set in a future where homes are monitored and controlled by computer technology and automated machines. Susan is a wealthy recluse living in one such home when a sentient AI created at a nearby university seizes control of her house, imprisoning her inside with the intention of impregnating her with a bio-engineered fetus and transferring its consciousness into the child. Susan must engage in a battle of wits to defeat the AI, called Proteus. It’s creepy and smart, even if the original’s a little dated technology-wise. It’s a great introduction 

A Novel

Our favorite book by Dean Koontz is Life Expectancy, and we have to say that it’s a book that is a bit controversial among his longtime readers. Some people are turned off by this tale that’s full of shocks and surprises and characters that are unique, to say the least. It starts with Rudy Tock and his wife Madelain going to the hospital to have their son, a chain of events is begun that will change their lives, and the lives of their family forever.

In the story, Rudy’s father predicts five terrible days that he will have to face, the information he relays to his son before he dies, and then Rudy meets an unhappy clown that believes aerialists are out to get him. Yes, we understand that the story sounds weird, and at times it gets even weirder, but it’s also a story that’s filled with so many twists and turns, the reader will be on the edge of their seats.

Readers who aren’t already Dean Koontz’s fans might be turned off by this book a little bit, especially with the macabre way that it’s told. However, we feel that true fans of this author are probably going to want to give this book a try. In our opinion, we feel that every reader should give this book a read. Especially if the reader considers that this book is written with a bit of humor in it. It’s also a book that’s unlike other Dean Koontz books written. For some people, that’s something to look forward to and for other people, that’s something they want to avoid. All we can do is say that this is our Editor’s Choice, and we highly recommend it to anyone willing to give it a try. You will never regret of reading this best dean koontz books. 

Saint Odd

Since Odd Thomas left his simple life in the small town of Pico Mundo, California, his journey has taken him to places strange and wonderful, mysterious and terrifying.

Across the land, in the company of mortals and spirits alike, he has known kindness and cruelty, felt love and loss, saved lives and taken them—as he’s borne witness to humanity’s greatest good and darkest evil.

Again and again, he has gone where he must and done what he had to do—for better or worse—with his courage and devotion sorely tested, and his soul forever changed. Every triumph has been hard won. Each sacrifice has taken its toll.

Now, whatever destiny drives him has finally steered his steps home, where those he cares for most surround him, the memory of his tragically lost true love haunts him, and one last challenge—vast and dreadful—awaits him.

For Odd Thomas, born to serve a purpose far greater than himself, the wandering is done. Only the reckoning remains.


Protagonist is a twenty-six old girl named Chyna who has recently shifted into her new home in Napa Valley. Chyna is a living legend who has toughened herself by facing and winning over adversity hence gained immense self-respect and self-confidence. She encounters a murderer who has entered her home to satisfy his vile appetites of killing people around. She survives somehow, making her fastened up to save the next intended target of killer. Quick wit coupled with decision-making is what Chyna needs to save herself as well as others from that killing beast.

The Husband (2006)

“We have your wife. You can get her back for $2 million — cash.” So reads the tagline for this heart-pounding thriller, which follows a man named Mitch Rafferty in his quest to save his kidnapped wife, Holly. When her captors inform Mitch that Holly will be killed unless he forks over the cash — and left to die if he informs the police — Mitch must figure out how to get the money without letting anyone know what’s really happening. Through a series of escalating, elaborate ploys, Mitch believes he’s figured out exactly what to do… until he’s betrayed by someone he thought he could trust.

The Husband is the absolute pinnacle of suspense, but what’s most impressive about this book is how it takes a fairly basic premise and transforms it into something complex and substantial. Indeed, the latter is a defining quality of every novel on this list: the carefully constructed characters and intricate plotlines will enthrall you completely. Years later, you’ll still remember how each masterful twist made you gasp. Dean Koontz certainly deserves his reputation as a grand master of thriller and horror, and his incredible repertoire will no doubt secure his legacy on the shelves next to Stephen King.

Chase By Dean Koontz

Chase is the first hardcover novel written by Dean Koontz, but it wasn’t written under his real name. It was originally written under the name K.R. Dwyer and was released in 1972. This version was reissued under the Dean Koontz name in 1995, and we feel that it’s a book that many people are going to want to pick up, especially people who like thrillers. And believe us when we tell you that this book is a thriller. It’s a story that people won’t be able to put down and one that is so riveting that they might be tempted to read it from cover to cover in just one push.

This book is about a retired war here that’s been living in an attic apartment. His name is Benjamin Chase, and he’s falling on a bit of a hard time. Things aren’t going well for him, and he has developed somewhat of a drinking problem. Then, one night he manages to rescue a woman from a killer that was obsessed with her. This is when the killer changes his target from the women to Mr. Chase. At first, the threats come as phone calls stating the killer’s desire for revenge, but things eventually take a more sinister turn as the killer, known simply as Judge, goes after him.

I hope the list of best dean koontz books above can help you to save tones of time in choosing the best dean koontz books.

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