The Top 5 Best Books On Tarot To Read In 2020

Tarot reading has gained in so much popularity in recent years. In order to master this delicate art, one has to go through so many steps. Whether you’re an absolute newbie to the game or already an experienced reader, it is always essential to learn more about tarot through the best books on tarot out there.

That is exactly why this article is the right place you should be! We have curated detailed and descriptive reviews of the best tarot books on the market right now just for you. Keep on reading!

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Detailed Reviews of the Best Tarot Book

  • ​Helps readers form bonded relationships with their cards
  • Contains detailed historic aspects
  • Understandable writing

You won’t be able to find any tarot book list without Rachel Pollack in it. Since this book delves more on the mythological and philosophical aspect of each card on top of purely explaining the suited interpretation of the deck, it could be more suitable for those with a decent foundation on tarot reading.

While you’ll have to dive deep into the esoteric arts and ancient spirituality of the tarot cards, this book can also offer a fresher view psychologically, as the reading methods have certain modern innovative thinking crumbs spread all over the book.

It is absolutely perfect for those who want to take that extra step into this art and still crave solid and comprehensive instructions.

best tarot book
  • ​Suitable for everyone
  • Easy-to-understand content
  • In-depth research and analysis

You’ll be completely amazed by how much information this book manages to cover in its whopping 900 pages. It is basically all-inclusive, with easy-to-follow instructions on such beginner-friendly topics choosing cards and designing the deck, to the most tricky steps to utilize the use of tarot cards in developing personal relationships and life virtues.

The word “holistic” represents the content of the book perfectly. Everything you need to find out when you’re facing blockages in your tarot journey can be looked up in here. You will find yourself returning to this one from time to time again.

best books on tarot
  • ​Covers essential grounds in a reading
  • Contains inspiring quotes for beginners
  • Suitable for practice

If you haven’t had a clue about tarot reading and its numerous complications, just check this one out. Another massive book with the most school textbook similar content you will ever come across. It essentially includes comprehensive approaches and interpretations of every single one of the 78-card deck, coupled with reversed cards as well.

The book doesn’t try and reach too far from the matters we are most concerned about like many other tarot books. Mostly the subjects discussed revolve life situations such as finances, relationships, career paths and personal well-being, which should be what you’re looking for starting anew.

Things I liked about 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card

  • Distinct and various methods
  • Provides new insights into the tarot world
  • Helps readers practice consistently

With nearly 40 years of experience in the field, Mary K. Greer surely knew what she was doing in this classic. Instead of simply interpreting cards and leading our way towards them, this book provides an energizing and different approach - 21 distinguished and useful techniques to translate groups of cards or the entire deck.

Mastering these 21 techniques will move you one step further to breaking away from the books and taking on the deck all on your own. It’s that tiny gap between a beginner and an intermediate reader, so don’t hesitate!

best books on tarot
  • ​Involves incredible research to broaden your horizons
  • Great analysis and personal stance
  • Refreshing after studies regarding card interpretations

I’d recommend you have gained a solid understanding of the tarot art before taking a look at this one. Anthony Louis planted a very academic and scientific feel into the essence of the book, as he deals with in-depth topics concerning the deck’s technicalities, such as numerology, anatomy, numeric symbolism, intuition and astrology.

If you have had a close relationship with your cards and wish to understand its history and cultural and philosophical values better to become a more advanced reader, dig deeper with Anthony Louis’ readable and intriguing work.

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Pro Tips for Tarot Readers

New or not, it’s always nice to have some more tricks in your pocket in the path to become a better reader and to some extent, a more intuitive person.

Choosing your Cards

best tarot book

This is probably the most important part of your tarot journey. Choosing the right deck is really a hit-or-miss decision. If you end up with the right one, it goes a long way.

Don’t let the size or the price settle the pick for you, go more with your guts and preference. Pick the prettiest one, or the one that intrigues you, or the one that calls to you personally, but always the one closest to your lifestyle and interests.
This way, your connection to the deck could be established faster, hence you’ll grow closer to it in much less time.

Read for Yourself

best books on tarot

Your interpretations of your own life should be what matters first. Let your intuition guide you into the deck and draw cards to answer your own personal questions. Once you can translate the meanings of your cards to your life, you can do it for others.

It’s also a great practice method (you know, to avoid losing face in front of others). Whenever you’re uncertain or blank, take a glance at your books or your notes so you can memorize them and get better gradually.

Don’t be stiff

Of course, there are instructions, but no rules can restrict you from reading your deck in certain fixed ways. It’s nice if you can break the mold sometimes and simply go with your guts, and even more brilliant if you can alter and adjust the meanings of several aspects of the cards to those best suited for you.

best books on tarot

Join a community

Having company is never a bad idea. You can move forwards with others sharing the same interests and same passion as you in a bigger circle, or even gain some experience from those years ahead in the game.

best books on tarot

There are so many ways of connecting with others. The Internet carries multiple platforms with groups or pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp… Forums specifically designed for tarot readers are everywhere, with some of them even hosting offline events and gatherings for dozens of tarot lovers.

If you don’t want to get involved in something too big, getting a tarot buddy is a good substitute. You guys can move along with each other.

My Choice for Best Books on Tarot

We’re pretty sure the trend of tarot reading and other magical artforms is not going anywhere anytime soon, so you’d better load up and equip yourself with the best tarot books on the market right now.

All of the books mentioned above are absolutely wonderful for a tarot fanatic, but my personal favorite would have to be Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth - Benebell Wen for its multiple uses for all readers alike.

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