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There are some books that stick with us long after we’ve finished turning the pages. These are the books that become a part of who we are— a fabric of our being, so to speak. They influence us when we think about our practice (and our lives as a whole, really), and they affect our headspace and outlook every time we step on our mats and sit on our meditation cushions. 

Tantra Illuminated by Hareesh Wallis

About this book: This book takes readers on a fascinating journey to the very heart of Tantra: its key teachings, foundational lineages, and transformative practices. Since the West’s discovery of Tantra 100 years ago, there has been considerable fascination, speculation, and more than a little misinformation about this spiritual movement. Now, for the first time in the English language, Tantra Illuminated presents an accessible introduction to this sacred tradition that began 1,500 years ago, in the far north of India. The book uses translations from primary Sanskrit sources, offers a profound look at spiritual practice, and reveals Tantra’s rich history and powerful teachings. For all level and age, this is the best books about yoga. 

Light on Yoga 

This is a classic book on the philosophy and practice of yoga. It offers the reader a guide to attaining physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through practicing yoga. This is a great book for people of all skill levels. 

This book is divided into three parts, with the first being an introduction to the practice and the history of yoga. The second part covers several yoga poses in great detail, including photographs of the correct forms. This second section also includes clear instructions to help perfect the poses, and explains the benefits and precautions associated with each pose. The third part of the book is dedicated to pranayama, which is a form of yogic breathing. It teaches the technique of pranayama, as well as its precautions, effects, and various types. 

Many readers consider this book to be a “must-have” for yoga practitioners. Since its original publishing in 1966, it has been translated into 16 different languages in order to reach a wider audience. Readers are impressed with the detail and descriptions in this book that make it very easy to follow.

Your Spine, Your Yoga by Bernie Clark

In a world of too much sitting and craning our necks toward our phones, our backs often take a bit of beating. That’s why Your Spine, Your Yoga is such a crucial book for our time: It takes a look at how to take better care of the spine both from the perspective of Western medicine and a regular yoga practice. All readers said that this is the best books about yoga. 

Namaste The Hard Way by Sasha Brown-Worsham,

Namaste The Hard Way tells the story of Sasha Brown-Worsham, a woman raised in the Bible Belt by a yoga-practicing, macrobiotic-loving mother. When her mom passes away when she’s just 16, Brown-Worsham initially runs as far away from yoga as possible, until a running injury sends her back to the mat. It’s there that she finally starts the long-delayed process of coming face-to-face with her grief.

Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit – A Return to Wholeness by Donna Farhi

Many students find Donna Farhi’s Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit to be an invaluable part of their yoga journey. Donna provides a way to experience yoga in a more complete way, allowing the asanas to come to life through ‘seven moving principles’: namely breathe, yield, radiate, center, support, align and engage. With an impressive section on the mechanics of movement, beautiful photos (including what not to do) and yoga pose sections divided into standing poses, seated poses, back bends, arm balances, restorative poses and yoga breathing practices, Donna’s Yoga Mind, Body and Spirit will teach you so much about the practice of yoga, whether you are a student or an instructor.

Buy this yoga book if:

You like to explore different approaches to doing yoga

You like to learn about yoga philosophy and how they apply to practice

You enjoy learning about the body’s systems

You are looking for a comprehensive guide to yoga poses

You like to learn about pose sequencing and creating themes in your practice

You don’t mind simple, black and white photos

Don’t buy this yoga book if:

You don’t want a guide to doing asanas

You don’t like learning new approaches to yoga practice

You prefer something that focuses mostly on philosophy, not asanas

You want one with color photos

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